Just announced: Alys Brett will be presenting a keynote for SCC on Research Software Engineers

alys_brettAlys Brett will be presenting a keynote for SCC on Research Software Engineers.

Based in the UK, Alys will call in live for Q&A after the recorded keynote.

Keynote: Alys Brett, Data and Coding Team Leader, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UK

Alys is a research software engineer and scientific data specialist with a Physics background. Her main interests include: data analysis and visualisation, software development practices (Git, TDD, Agile etc) collaboration between scientists and software engineers, fundamental Physics, fusion, open source, cultural and equality issues in STEM, harnessing technology and the internet for social/environmental good. She is currently working on  JET – the world’s foremost nuclear fusion experiment

Alys Brett works at the UK’s national fusion research laboratory at Culham, near Oxford (www.ccfe.ac.uk). She has a background in Physics and previously developed software at Oxford University. She now leads a team of seven software engineers who collaborate with scientists and provide data systems and tools for the JET experiment – the largest nuclear fusion reactor in the world. Alys is coordinating initiatives to improve how software is developed within her organisation and became involved in wider efforts to improve research software through a fellowship with the UK’s Software Sustainability Institute. She is joint-chair of the UK Research Software Engineers association (www.rse.ac.uk) which is working to encourage better research software via training, networking, recognition and career structures for the people who develop it.


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