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Accepted Talks and Keynotes

    1.  Richard Dean, ESR – The New Zealand Data Science Accelerator
    1. Thomas Etherington, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research – A research institution framework for publishing open code to enable reproducible science
    1. KEYNOTE: Celine Cattoen-Gilbert, NIWA – National scale flood forecasting in the world of data, models, HPC and AI – shaping a more resilient tomorrow.
    1. Chris Scott, NeSI – Improving NeSI researchers’ productivity with a consultancy service
    1. Jonny Williams, NIWA – Extreme earth system modelling on Māui
    1. Marie Armstrong, Malaghan Institute of Medical Research – Data management: implementing change at the Malaghan Institute
    1. Alexander Pletzer, NeSI – Scripting at the speed of compiled code
    1. Jade Arnold, NIWA – MatLab vs Julia: trials and tribulations 
    1. KEYNOTE: Tammy Steeves, University of Canterbury and Roger Moraga, Tea Break Bioinformatics – TBT
    1. Robbie Price, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research – SMAP Workflows on and off the cluster
    1. Wolfgang Hayek, NeSI – Optimising TensorFlow performance on multicore CPUs
    1. Ben Roberts, NeSI – Code Foster Parenting: Bringing Up Someone Else’s FOSS
    1. KEYNOTE: Anushia Inthuran, University of Canterbury – TBT
    1. Rand Husso, GNS Science – AI for forecasting landslides that result from earthquakes
    1. Alan Tan, Scion – Building a Visual Analytics System for Spatio-temporal Analysis
    1. Maxime Bombrun, Scion – Gradient Boosting comparison: The importance of categorical features
    1. Yuda Munarko, Auckland Bioengineering Institute – Automatic Annotation of Query in Physiome Model Repository (PMR)
    1. Ben Jolly, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research – Remote Sensing on NeSI

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